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Skulpted AF Brow Soap

Bringing you...

- Instantly thicker fuller brows.
- More volume.
- Fuller and fluffier brows.
- Brows that stay in place whole day and night.
- hypo allergenic.
- grows your brows thicker and fuller the natural way.
- free from harsh chemicals.

This little pot of magic is your next best beauty/brow product ❤️

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Skulpted AF brow soap can be used slightly wet or dry.
Use slightly wet to give you instant thickness, fullness and holds the brows perfectly into place all day and night.
Using it dry gives you the same results but less hold.

Skulpted AF brow soap not only grows your brows your natural brows thicker, stronger and fuller, it trains your brow hair to grow into shape and instantly adds thickness fullness and definition.

Contains aloe Vera. Used daily, over time your brows will grow thicker, fuller and stronger. It takes around 6-8 weeks to notice growth due to your brow hair cycle.

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This vegan, cruelty free product is all you need for those beachy fluffy, perfectly held brows all year round.