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Fat Freezing

How does cryolipolysis (fat freezing) work?


Fat freezing uses a controlled cooling system to selectively cool and then freeze fat cells, which are capable of being destroyed at a low temperature without damage to the skin and blood cells. Fat cells when exposed to a controlled cooling, undergo a process of crystallisation and eventual destruction which results in a gradual percentage of fat cells being reduced. The body’s normal metabolic process gradually removes the dead fat cells within the treated area over a 6-12 week process. Fat freezing is a non invasive procedure with no needles, anaesthesia and no down time.


Using 360 degree precise cooling handpieces that provide a more even cooling process across the treated area unlike other older machines that have the 2 plated cups. During the treatment a non invasive 360 degree membrane application (suction cup) is applied to the skin surface to deliver precisely controlled cooling to selectively target and eliminate the fat cells. The applicator stays in place for the duration of treatment which is 35 minutes. During this time you sit/lay there comfortably and take the time to relax and unwind.

What happens after the treatment?

Immediately after the treatment the treated area may appear to be slightly red and feel cool or numb to touch. Some slight temporary bruising may also be present although this will subside like a normal bruise.

Following the treatment you can go on with your day as normal. Visible results are seen over a period of 2/3 months and maybe advanced with a follow up treatment. You can only get the same area treated 3 times in a 12 month period with a minimum of 8 weeks apart.

Average fat loss in one treatment is around 33% (depending on lifestyle and metabolism). Our fat freezing provides advanced cooling technology 360 degree suction cups with multiple handpieces. Allowing 2/3 areas to be treated at once.

Please not we do not recommend doing anymore than 4 areas in one sitting.


Pros to fat freezing with 360 degree suction cups. - duel handpieces so can treat 2/3 areas at once. - covers a larger area - cost effective - non invasive - few risks - risks will be explained during consultation - no to minimal downtime - option for those who can’t undergo surgery - more comfortable during treatment - better results


Who is a good candidate for fat freezing?

Fat freezing is ideal for those at a stable weight who struggle to lose weight through diet and exercise. The treatment also offers a quick, effective and affordable treatment option with minimal to no down time and minimal discomfort for those seeking a non invasive alternative to surgery.

Those who are not suitable for fat freezing

- women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

- diabetics

- cancer patients

- have had surgery in the last 12 months (within or close to the area wanting to be treated)

- Any clients who have a serious or ongoing health condition maybe asked to provide a doctors not before treatment can go ahead.


Areas that can be treated

- upper and lower abdomen

- flanks

- inner thighs

- outer thighs

- under buttocks

- inner knees

- arms

- upper back

- lower back

- under armpit

- chin/jawline

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